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Suspicious Males

We are investigating an incident at a property in St Johns Avenue, Kidderminster. At approx 20.30hrs last night, 7th December two males were thought to be checking out a Mercedes parked on a driveway. The owner spotted these males and they drove off in a Black Mercedes S350

“Perpetrators often ‘work to order’ and will target specific vehicles, based on demand and value. If a criminal is targeting a certain vehicle they will also be targeting the owner, looking for easy ways to exploit their security and get to their keys.

“The most common methods used by thieves are to follow victims’ home or 'cruise' around residential areas looking for opportunities. If you think you are being followed or see any suspicious vehicles, take the registration number and report it to the police.”

You can also reduce your chances of becoming a victim of car key burglars with the following simple crime prevention methods which are the most effective way to deter potential thieves:

• always keep your keys somewhere safe and out of sight

• always lock your car away safely in the garage, if you have one

• fit a high quality alarm to your vehicle • use additional security systems such immobilisers and visible security locks

• always take your keys with you when leaving the vehicle unattended

• always keep your keys safe and concealed in public places

• make sure doors, windows, the boot and sunroof are secure whenever you leave your vehicle

• if you own more than one vehicle, park the lesser valued vehicle behind the more expensive one on the driveway, making it more difficult to remove

It is also important to remember to protect your home:

• make sure all windows and doors are securely locked

• install a high quality burglar alarm

• install an exterior security lighting system

Advice and tips can be found on our website here

If you are the victim of a burglary of any kind, call 999 immediately.

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Kate Easthope
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