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Winter Home Security

We are advising local residents to take some simple but effective precautions and protect their homes as the nights get darker.
We do often see a spike in burglary offences during the winter months. Most offenders target homes with little or no obvious security, those which appear unattended or have access to the side and rear.
You can significantly reduce the chance of being burgled by taking a few simple precautions:
• Making sure all windows and doors are locked when you are away from the house or when you go to bed.
• Leaving your lights and a radio or TV on using timer switches or by using an ‘app’ to control lights and electronics.
• If possible, fit outside lights with a PIR sensor which detect movement and switch on.
• Make sure fences and gates to the side or rear of your property are in good order and lock your gates wherever possible.
• If you are going away for a few days ask a trusted neighbour, friend or family member to help give the impression someone is home by taking in post, opening and closing curtains and moving bins and recycling at appropriate times.
Elderly neighbours could also be more vulnerable and might need your help to keep their home secure.
You are also less likely to become a victim of burglary if you belong to Neighbourhood Watch. For more information visit their website.
For more information on how to keep your property safe please click here https://westmercia.police.uk/Home-security
Pass this information on to friends and family.
If you have information about a crime or someone you suspect is involved in criminal activity, please let us know using the online ‘Tell Us About’ form on our website www.westmercia.police.uk,
If you aren’t comfortable contacting us directly, you can pass on information anonymously to the independent charity, Crimestoppers, by calling 0800 555 111 or by visiting their website: www.crimestoppers-uk.org
Thank you for your help. It is only by the police and the public working together that we can prevent and detect crime.

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