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Driving checks

I found this useful pre-driving checks form the Institute of Advanced Motoring.   

Petrol – or diesel – and today, of course battery charge – check you have plenty for the journey.

Oil – also brake, clutch fluid and power-steering fluid all need regular checks 

Water – including your screen wash reservoir, which if empty could cost you a penalty notice

Damage – is there any fresh body damage, windscreen damage – is there anything hanging down below the vehicle?

Electrics – are all your lights – interior and exterior, working and don’t forget the reversing light? Does your horn work?

Rubber – regularly check your tyres, pressures treads and make sure there are no cuts and bulges. Always include the spare and keep it at the highest pressure you may need. Also make sure your windscreen wiper blades are ok – not nicked or cracked.

Yourself – if you were drinking the day or night before, are you fit to drive now? Not only should you think about how much you have to drink, but also what time you stopped drinking. You may need more than just overnight  for alcohol to be out of your system

Hope you find it useful 

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