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Electric scooters

E-Scooter owners are being warned about riding them in public areas.

Officially people are not allowed to use E-scooters on roads, pathways or any other public places as they can not be taxed or registered. As they are classed as powered transporters, they fall within the legal definition of a motor vehicle under the Road Traffic Act 1988, and therefore, the rules that apply to to motor vehicles also apply to E-scooters.

If you use an E-scooter in public places you could face prosecution or being issued with a fixed penalty notice for riding without insurance (which attracts a £300 fine and 6 points on your driving licence). If you do not have a licence the points will be added when you apply for one. 

The E-scooters can also be seized and destroyed by police if ridden without a licence or insurance or carelessly in a manner that is likely to cause alarm, distress or annoy people even if this is off road.

Different legislation permits electronically assisted pedal cycles and mobility scooters but as of yet there is no legislation permitting the use of E-scooters in public areas outside of government trial areas. 


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