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Two men arrested in connection with Aurman Singh’s death

Two men were arrested today (Monday 20 May) in connection with the murder of 23-year-old Aurman Singh.

Aurman was killed in broad daylight in Shrewsbury on Monday 21 August, 2023 as he delivered parcels on Berwick Avenue on Coton Hill.

He was attacked by eight men who were armed with weapons including an axe, golf club and piece of wood.

Four men – Arshdeep Singh, Jagdeep Singh, Manjot Singh and Shivdeep Singh – were found guilty last month (Friday 12 April) of his murder and were handed a 28 year prison sentence each.

A fifth man, Sukhmandeep Singh, was also found guilty at the trial of manslaughter and given a 10-year prison sentence.

There is no known motive for the attack on Aurman, however, it has been established it was not a robbery.

Earlier this morning, two men, aged 23 and 25, were arrested in Austria on suspicion of murder and remain in police custody.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Bellamy, said: "This investigation has already resulted in five men found guilty for their part in Aurman’s death after they lay in wait for him during his delivery route, before they carried out their planned and calculated attack, resulting in his death.

"These arrests show our commitment to getting justice for Aurman's family, and how we have continued to work tirelessly to apprehend those involved in his death, and I’m grateful for the assistance of the Austrian authorities.”

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