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Scam calls

A fraudster telephones you claiming to be from your bank or the police. They tell you that your bank card has been used fraudulently or the bank is issuing counterfeit notes and that your help is needed in the investigation.

They suggest that you hang up and ring the bank/police back to ensure the call is genuine, Don't be fooled - they stay on the line. They then ask you to attend your bank and withdraw your money.

The police and banks would never ask you to withdraw your money and send it to them! They send a taxi/courier to you to collect your money, which they claim will be examined forensically as part of the investigation. They will reassure you that your money will be returned.


Remember the police will never ask you to hand over any money or purchase vouchers.

If you ever get a call from anyone asking you to transfer money or pay with vouchers. Hang up the phone, make a note of the phone number that called you if you able to and contact West Mercia Police.


In an emergency call 999, for non emergencies call 101. Report online at www.westmercia.police.uk

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