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Evesham Town South and Rural West

Your Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) is a group of local police officers dedicated to serving your community. The team is made up of officers and PCSOs based in your area, supported by additional officers from the wider area.

We work closely with local authorities, community leaders and residents to decide our policing priorities for the area. This helps us to find useful, long-term solutions to local problems, while maintaining our wider focus on reducing crime across Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin and Worcestershire.

Please find contact details for your Safer Neighbourhood Team provided below. Please note that to report a crime or incident to West Mercia Police, you can visit westmercia.police.uk or in an emergency, please dial 999.

Evesham Town South & Rural West

Phoebe Attwood (West Mercia Police, PC, Evesham)

Phoebe Attwood



Chris Bannister (West Mercia Police , Sgt - Safer Neighbourhood Team, Evesham & Pershore)

Chris Bannister

Sgt - Safer Neighbourhood Team

Julie Barker (West Mercia Police, PC local policing, Evesham Town South Rural West)

Julie Barker

PC local policing


Andrea Beech (West Mercia Police, Police Community Support Officer, Evesham Town South Rural West)

Andrea Beech

Police Community Support Officer


Martin  Kennedy (Police, Pc, Evesham South and Rural West )

Martin Kennedy



Leanne Knight (West Mercia Police, PCSO, Evesham Town North and Rural South)

Leanne Knight



Ben  Trowman (West Mercia Police, PC, Evesham Rural South)

Ben Trowman



Alex Warner (Police, Insp, South Worcestershire)

Alex Warner



Local Priority Issues

We regularly speak to local residents to establish what issues they may be experiencing in the area. The word cloud below represents the issues that residents of Evesham Town South and Rural West have highlighted as priorities for the area recently (including some that say “I have no issues”).

Word clouds are graphical representations of word frequency that give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently. The larger the word in the visual below the more common the word was in the local survey.

We seek to tackle the issues raised in line with our Local Policing Community Charter.

To 'Have your say' on local issues, please click on the button below to complete a short survey.

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